As it stands:

This is an unfinished game that mostly consists of an odd island with a bunch of baubles and bits in it. You can sort of just wander freely.


This was made in April to June of 2014, starting as a jam game. The basic premise is that of a treasure hunt gameā€”the sort where each clue leads to another until a treasure is found. You play as a skull of a skeleton, who has lost its other bones. You expand your capability upon finding them: leg bones let you jump, arms let you lift, possibly bones from other animals could be added and you'd become like this weird skeletal chimera.

The idea was that you had a fixed-direction camera and there was this world that had little windows or portals in it and you could find riddles and secrets by looking through them and following whatever information you find. I sort of wanted to play with the idea of visual illusions or just odd looking shader things as part of this.

I really liked the idea of a game where it was just this really open but dense space where there isn't as much emphasis on barriers around the world. Like your progression is mostly based on the information you had gathered. So rather than having a key or some tangible item be a measure of progress it's more about what hints you have and what secrets you know so you know what you're looking for and that might make you notice or try things you otherwise wouldn't think to.

I had lots of trouble writing out puzzles and hint-trails that didn't feel contrived or irritating to play. The ones in mostly ended up confusing or nonintuitive in some way. I sort of ended up burning myself out on rebuilding the same 5 or so puzzles when a better approach probably would have been trying out lots and keeping the best of those.